12 Ways to Find Your Storage Facility’s Target Audience on Facebook

Krista Diamond |

Advertising your storage facility on Facebook seems simple, but then you click the “boost post” button and it all seems so complicated. How can you be sure that you’re marketing your self storage business on social media in a way that ensures that the right people will see it?

Facebook for Business certainly offers many insights into how your storage facility can reach its target audience, but if you don’t have time to read all of those articles (and there really are a lot of them), here’s the quick and dirty on how you can narrow or broaden your target audience on Facebook so that your storage facility’s ad isn’t just reaching a big audience, it’s reach the right audience.

1. Target by Location

You can target your ads by country, state, city and even zip code. Not only can you target the people who live in your selected location, but you can target people who are headed to that area or are just visiting. This is a great tool for storage facility operators who have facilities in several states, several facilities in one state or just one facility in one part of a big city.

2. Target by Age

If there’s a particular age group that gravitates towards your storage facility, you can target them through ads. For example, if you’re in a community with a large population of retirees, you might use Facebook to target that age group. If your storage facility is near a college campus, you might aim for that 18-22 demographic.

3. Target by Gender

Self storage isn’t really a gender specific business, so targeting your ads to men versus women may not help you, but it’s worth playing around with this option, especially if you’re boosting a post on your Facebook page that does have a gender specific component to it.

4. Target Speakers of Specific Languages

If your storage facility prides itself in being bilingual or is located in an area with a high concentration of people who speak another language (Example: Miami, where 2.4 million residents speak Spanish), there is an option to target them through advertising on Facebook. Just make sure to write your ad in their language, or at least include a translation.

5. Target College Students

Not only does Facebook allow you to target college aged students, but it allows you to target college students who are attending a certain university. Your storage facility can actually create an ad or post and be sure that students from a nearby college will see it.

6. Target Professionals

Did you know that you can use Facebook to target employees who work at businesses in this area? You can direct your ads and boosted posts towards people with certain workplaces listed in their profiles. This is a great way to advertise to military members who may list a nearby base in their profile or employees who work at companies that typically need self storage.

7. Target by Interest

You can target by certain interests that may translate to using self storage. Examples of this include targeting people who like shopping (they may have more belongings), people who like alcoholic beverages (wine storage), vehicles (RV/boat/vehicle storage) and entrepreneurship (commercial storage).

8. Target by Life Event

Here’s a really interesting way to target an audience that’s tailor-made for the self storage industry: targeting by life event. Storage facilities are typically filled with tenants who are renting because they’re dealing with some kind of major life event. You can target your ads to people who have recently moved, purchased homes, gotten divorced or found new employment.

9. Target by Connections

If your self storage business is already on Facebook, you already have an audience of people who like or are following your page. Facebook will allow you to target new customers who have engaged with your page or are friends with people who have engaged with it.

10. Target Broadly

You can target a broad audience if you have storage facilities all over the country. Select all of the states you have facilities in or the whole country and define your age demographic as 18-65.

11. Target Specifically

For smaller storage facilities, targeting a broad audience might not work. While it’ll allow your posts to reach a wide audience, this audience might not be relevant. Instead, target a specific audience related to the area or areas your storage facilities are in.

12. Target a Lookalike Audience

Facebook refers to a lookalike audience as an untapped market that is very similar to the one you’re currently reaching. So if your storage facility’s online presence does well with middle-class professionals in their 30’s, you can advertise to more people who fit this definition but aren’t following your page. You can even upload a list of existing customers or use fans of your page and Facebook will find a lookalike audience.