Essential Things to Consider When Dealing with Commercial Self Storage Users

Jon Fesmire |

When you run a self storage facility, you have individuals and families renting units, but you also have commercial tenants.

What should you keep in mind when it comes to your commercial customers? How do you provide what they need? Here are a few things to offer your commercial storage renters that will help them run their businesses and help you grow yours.

Climate Control

Let’s start with the main thing that most businesses will need, and that’s climate control. When business customers express interest in renting a unit, let them know that climate control will protect their goods by keeping them in a cool environment at a safe level of humidity, keeping their paperwork, furniture, or products in great condition. This is an especially important amenity to offer pharmaceutical sales representatives, who may be storing medicines that need to be kept at a consistent temperature.

Expanded Workspace

In an office setting, space can be at a premium. Even now, when so much is digitized, some paperwork is still on paper, requiring space for files, both old and new. The owner may like to purchase office supplies in bulk. Whatever the case, some businesses need to put things away to make more room to work, and they will turn to self storage for this. They may also have extra furniture or equipment used for the business that they need a temporary place for.

Storage for Inventory

Various types of stores need extra room to keep their stock. This could be anything from books, to clothing, to medications. They will want a facility near their shop, so that if they run low on certain items in their stockroom, they can quickly go to storage and get more.

Size Options

Businesses from small to large need self storage, so they’ll require a range of standard size options. You can expect large businesses to need bigger units—the ones that individuals and families don’t rent as often. A drugstore may require a 20x40 unit, while a department store may rent more than one.


To keep their stock easy to access, some businesses will want shelving in their units. Consider providing it, and installing it for them for a nominal fee. Depending on the size of the unit, you may want to consider if it’s feasible to set up shelves in the middle of the unit as well as along the walls.


Why do businesses purchase supplies in bulk? For the discounts, of course. A good business manager should be concerned with their company’s bottom line, and will be on the lookout for discounts. What sort of deals can you offer to business customers? Perhaps you could offer a discounted rate, or 10% off boxes and other storage needs in your on-site store.

Great Security

While everyone wants their possessions kept safe in their self storage units, it can be an especially great concern for commercial storage users. They will want to know from the start that their sensitive documents and their valuable stock is under tight security.

Let your commercial customers know about your security system, including your camera surveillance, gated access, and lighting. One big attractor for commercial customers will be units with individual alarms. That extra layer of security will assure them that if someone does break into their unit, your security team, whether that’s your on-site manager, or a security monitoring firm, will act swiftly.

Expanded Hours

For business customers, it can be especially important for your facility to be open later than others. While most tenants may want to drop by now and then after work to pick something up, commercial tenants may need to bring in, or organize, stock after their stores close.

We hope these tips serve you well, and help you bring in more commercial tenants.