5 Great Places to Move to in Maine

Jon Fesmire |

Maine has a lot going for it. There’s lobster, ocean views, skiing, LL Bean, and Stephen King. While you may never meet the master of modern horror, you can certainly enjoy the rest.

Are you considering a move to Maine? Get ready for cold weather and small, charming communities. Here are our top pick for great places to move to in Maine.


Think of Brewer as a large town rather than a city. With 9,300 residents, it will seem like everyone knows everyone, but there’s still lots to do. At 2.9%, unemployment is especially low. The median household income is good at about $56,000, and the average home value is about $161,000.

Most of the great things to do are across the Penobscot River in Bangor, but that’s only about a mile away. You can have a look at the Stephen King House, take your kids to the Maine Discovery Museum, and much more.

Brewer also has a fairly well educated population, with 93% having graduated high school and 30% having graduated college.

Cape Elizabeth

This is one of two communities south of Portland that we think are great places to live in Maine. Cape Elizabeth is right on the Atlantic, and it sports a mile-long stretch of beach that residents frequently visit. Crescent Beach State Park allows swimming, and has sites to enjoy a picnic or take a leisurely walk.

The population of Cape Elizabeth is about 9,200, and unemployment is generally lower than average, currently at 2.8%. You will pay more to live here, so keep that in mind. The median home value in Cape Elizabeth is $446,000, but the median household income is $106,000.


On the western coast of the  Kennebec River, you’ll find Hallowell, an attractive town with just 2,500 residents. Tourists and residents alike love Hallowell for its old architecture and its proximity to Augusta. In fact, it’s just about two miles south of that larger city and all it has to offer. So, if you want to visit the Maine State Museum, Fort Western, or just go out to shop and catch a movie, the area has you covered.

The median home value in Hallowell is about $200,000, and the median household income is about 54,000, while the unemployment rate for the area is 2.7%.


The Portland metro area is the largest in Maine. It rests against the Atlantic, has its own cove, Back Cove, and includes several islands, including the home of Fort Levett. It should come as no surprise that you’ll find the University of Southern Maine here, plus great seafood restaurants and alot more. When you have time, check out the Children’s Museum and Theatre of Maine and the Portland Museum of Art.

Looking for more to do, and like beer? Portland sure does. Take a tour of Allagash Brewery and see how their Belgian-inspired beers are made. While you’re at it, also check out Bissell Brothers Brewery and Foundation Brewing Company. Get a sense of local history by visiting the Tate House Museum and the Victoria Mansion.

Yes, you’ll have the highs of city life covered in Portland. In addition, the median household income is great at about $64,000, the median housing price is reasonable at $250,000, and the unemployment is almost unbelievably low at 2.2%.

South Portland

As its name suggests, South Portland lies south of portland, near Cape Elizabeth. It’s smaller than Portland, but with 25,500 residents, it’s still large for a Maine city. Residents can enjoy Willard Beach, especially during the summer months, or head up to Portland at any time to visit museums and the like.

The median home value in South Portland is 230,000, the median household income is $56,250, and the unemployment rate is close to that of Portland in the north.

Overall, you can make a great life for yourself and your family in Maine. If you choose to move here, we hope you find exactly the right place for you.