5 Things You Should Know About Using Self Storage in Hawaii

Jon Fesmire |

If you’re fortunate enough to live in Hawaii, all we can say is congratulations! Hawaii is a beautiful place to live, and once new residents get over the feeling of isolation from the mainland, most settle in to the relaxed rhythm of island life and enjoy the great year-round weather.

Something else you’ll quickly notice if you’re new to the state is that homes tend to be a little smaller than in many other states. While we think it’s a good idea to pare down your belongings before you move, you may still find you have more than will fit comfortably in your home. Self storage can help with this.

Here are some important things to know about self storage in Hawaii before you rent your first storage unit:

Storage Units in Hawaii Are in High Demand

Houses in Hawaii tend to be smaller and do not have basements, resulting in an increased need for self storage. Also, many businesses in Hawaii need room to store their inventory and equipment. These range from pharmacies to craftspeople to event hosts.

Self Storage Availability is Sparse

In August 2018, local Honolulu TV station KHON reported on a self storage shortage on the islands. According to the report, some people in Hawaii wait years for a unit. Even if you don’t need a unit immediately but are pretty sure you will, it’s worth starting your search now.

Prices Can Be Steep

Expect to pay about $55 for a 5x5, $110 for a 5x10, $200 for a 10x10, $260 for a 10x15, and up to $600 for a really big unit. Prices will be higher or lower depending on city and neighborhood.

Peruse our listings to find the best prices near you.

The Weather Is Great, But…

Unless you’re a really cold weather person, you’ll be quite comfortable living in Hawaii. In summer, the average daytime temperature is 85 degrees, which is warm, but not unbearable. You’ll end up in shorts and flip flops a lot. Winter isn’t much different. The daytime temperature hovers around 78 degrees.

That means the temperatures are safe for your belongings you put in storage as well. However, the islands can still get humid, especially when it rains. Also, the air has a high salinity due to being in the middle of the ocean, and salty air is bad for metal and other items. You’ll want to wax your car to protect it, and you’ll want to get a self storage unit with climate control to protect your things. We also recommend that you make sure your items are completely dry and sealed in airtight plastic bins before putting them in storage.

Self Storage Is Great for Beach Gear

Surfing is huge in Hawaii. If you enjoy surfing, or just going to the beach, self storage can offer you a place to store your gear.

If you don’t have the room in your home for your surfboard (or surfboards), you can always keep them in storage. While you’re at it, you can store other items you may bring to the beach, such as volleyballs, pails and shovels, and so on. When you’re ready to head to the beach, pop into your storage unit and grab what you need.

Make the right choices in storage, and you should be able to find something reasonably affordable that meets your needs, even in Hawaii.