Decorating Apps for the Tech-Savvy Homeowner

Krista Diamond |

Want to take your home decorating game to the next level? You don’t have to hire an interior designer; you’ve actually already got one in your pocket. That’s right; we’re talking about your smart phone. You’ve got an app that brings you food, an app that gets you rides, an app that finds you a date and an app that makes your boring pictures of brunch look like actual works of art. Why not use an app for decorating your home? No matter what your next project is, there’s an app that can make it cheaper, easier and—dare we say—fun. Read on to discover eight apps that’ll get the job done. Happy downloading (and happy decorating too)!

Benjamin Moore Color Capture

Have you ever been in a hotel, a restaurant, an office, an apartment or literally anywhere in the world and thought, wow, the color of this room is on point? Have you ever wanted an accent wall in your living room that looks exactly like the ocean did on your last vacation? With the Benjamin Moore Color Capture app, all you have to do is take a picture with your phone. The app uses its database of more than 3,500 paint colors to find an exact match. Yep, it’s life changing.

Offer Up

Thrifting is fun, but the process can be pretty hit or miss. It’s not a big deal when you’re just casually browsing for an ironically ugly sweater, but it’s downright frustrating when you’re on the hunt for furniture or decor that fits a certain aesthetic. Enter Offer Up. This app brings the thrift store to you. Browse through categories like antiques, appliances, and collectibles in your area. Discover your next conversation piece and then go with the seller’s price or make your own offer.

Photos to Art

Thanks to Instagram, we all feel like professional photographers sometimes. If your latest snap is too amazing to be confined to the internet, consider using the Photos to Art app to make it a part of your home. The app allows you to actually see what the photo will look like on your wall. Once you’re satisfied, you can order a gallery-quality print of the photo and choose from options like custom framing and and wood mounting.

iHandy Level

Imagine this: Never having to struggle to figure out whether or not the painting is actually level. If you download the free iHandy Level app, you can check the level of shelves, picture frames, surfaces and more. If you want to take things to the next level (no pun intended), you can upgrade to the paid version and get access to all of the iHandySoft tools, which include all the digital carpentry tools you could ever want.


Yes, it’s kind of a silly name, but trust us, the Houzz app is seriously helpful. Think of Houzz as a sort of one stop shop for home design. The app allows you to browse through, save and share interior design inspiration photos à la Pinterest, shop for similar items and find local professionals to help you tackle home improvement projects. You can even use your phone’s camera to see how that couch you’re interested in will actually look in your home, making the the transition from concept to reality a smooth one.


LikeThat is the Shazam of interior design because it’s never classy to be the guest at the fancy dinner party who keeps demanding to know where the area rug came from. If you’re that person, learn to use your inside voice and then download the LikeThat app. It allows you to take a picture of anything you like and then find and shop for similar items. It’s a great way to find decor and furniture at all of the stores you like instead of browsing through their websites one at a time. And if inspiration falls short, there’s a designer gallery to keep the ideas flowing.