Grand Haven, MI: Top Things to Know About Storage

Jon Fesmire |

It’s All About Ottawa County

Since Grand Haven is such a small city, much of what happens there is interconnected with the rest of Ottawa County. There, you’ll find 6 cities and 16 townships. College students living in Grand Haven attend school in either Allendale Township or Holland, for instance. Living in Grand Haven, you may attend classes in one city, work in another, and live in Grand Haven. This small city is also a great place to retire, with 19 retirement communities. Combine that with Grand Haven being right on the shores of Lake Michigan, and you have a comfortable, quiet, conservative place to live but can spend much of your time enjoying entertainment and more in other cities. When it comes to self-storage, you can easily rent in Grand Haven or in a neighboring town. Grand Haven has 5 self-storage facilities with about 2,750 individual units, or about one unit per every four people. That’s a fantastic ratio, when most cities have a ratio between 1 to 6 and 1 to 10. It’s no wonder you can rent a 5’x10’ unit for around $45 per month and a 10’x10’ for around $75.

Yes or No to Climate Control

Grand Haven has a four-season climate where winters get down to about 18 degrees, and summers warm up to about 82 degrees. One can always go boating and cool off in the lake. The thing with warm weather near bodies of water is that as the water evaporates, it causes humidity. High humidity isn’t comfortable for people, but it can be downright destructive for personal belongings left in it for extended periods. To prevent your stored belongings like art, books, musical instruments, and more from going through the dryness of winter and the humidity of summer, get a unit with climate control. That way, you can prevent mold and mildew, cracking, and other potential harm to your things.

Events Around Town

In Grand Haven, you can find events throughout the year, like the Spring Lake Heritage Festival, Tuesdays in the Park, the Sound of Summer Concert Series, and Wine About Winter. Of course, there are events all over Ottawa County, so there’s just about always something new to do. The thing is, events mean traffic. You may plan to head over to your self-storage unit on a particular day to pick up that couch you’ve wanted to bring back home, and discover that a major festival is taking place. Our advice is simply to be aware of what events are happening around the county. That way, you can not only avoid being late for appointments or having to sit in traffic when you just want to get something out of storage, you can also learn more about Grand Haven and attend some great events.