Grand Rapids, MI: Top Things to Know About Storage

Jon Fesmire |

Weather in the Extremes

The classic four-season year in Grand Rapids means nice, mild springs and autumns, but it also means snowy, dry winters and hot, muggy summers. The extreme seasons are those during which you probably want to stay indoors in either heated or air conditioned rooms rather than go out a lot. The thing is, those weather extremes can be very uncomfortable for people and can also cause serious damage to personal belongings. Cold weather can dry out wooden musical instruments, fine art, or even paper. It can cause metals to contract, and while this may be fine for many items, delicate things like brass instruments can suffer quality loss. Muggy summers expand metals and invite in mold and mildew. Fortunately, it’s easy to protect your things when you put them in self-storage. Just make sure to rent a unit with climate control.

Wine Storage

West Michigan has more than 20 wineries, seven of which are right in Grand Rapids. It’s a great area to go on a wine tour. If you have a wine collection, hopefully you have a cool area to keep it in your home. However, if you don’t, look for wine storage facilities in the area. Darkness, temperature, and humidity all play a role in good wine storage and some facilities have units designed exactly for this reason. Most of us don’t have a wine cellar, so a local storage facility is a good alternative.


Grand Rapids bustles with concerts and other events year-round. Some of these include Velent-Ice in February, LaughFest in March, and ArtPrize in September and October. What does this mean for Grand Rapids residents? First, there’s almost always something to do. Second, many events have one undesirable effect: they create traffic. Often, this traffic is centered around downtown. If you have a self-storage locker there that you need to access frequently, or at least during a festival, it pays to know what is happening when. For instance, if you use your self-storage locker for business and keep goods there, you may need to leave for it earlier than usual if you’re bringing stock to a store. Maybe on the day you planned to get your bike and your child’s out of storage so you could go riding, an event is going on that delays you for an hour or more. Our advice here is simple. Keep track of what’s happening in Grand Rapids. You’ll surely find events you want to attend, and they never have to affect your life negatively again.