How to Complete a Move if You Can’t Take Time Off From Work

Jon Fesmire |

Most employers are understanding about moving, and in most cases, it’s not difficult to get the needed time off to move. However, sometimes things don’t work out how we would like, and your work may need you to be there during a busy time just when you have to move.

Here’s how to manage a move without missing work:

Move on Your Days Off

This is the most obvious solution. If you can’t take time off work, use your weekend to move.

Using Movers

If you can afford it, hire a moving company to handle the entire move. This means they would pack your belongings, load them into their truck or trucks, transport them to your new home, unload them, and even unpack them for you. If you have to work when they’re packing up your belongings at your old place or unloading them at your new place, ask a friend or relative to be there to let them in, lock up, and answer any questions.

Adding Self-Storage

Self-storage can be a great help for anyone who plans to move. It allows you, and those helping you, to avoid having to move everything in one day.

Rent a self-storage unit about a month or so before your planned move. Before your actual moving day, put everything in storage that you can during your spare time. On moving day, you should have only the necessities and big items ready to go. These will include things like your bed, fridge, bookcases, dressers, computer and desk, computer chair, and a few changes of clothes in a suitcase. Essentially, we’re talking about items you need to live, as well as things that must be moved in a truck.

Then, you can hire movers to transport only those items while you’re at work, from your old place to your new place.

Take an additional month to move the rest of your belongings from your self-storage unit into your new place. Then, if you decide you no longer need the storage space, you can end your lease.

Getting Help from Friends

If you can’t afford movers, perhaps you can get help from friends or family. In this case, we highly recommend using our self-storage method and putting as much in yours as you can. Arrange for a friend to rent a moving truck, with insurance, and make sure you reimburse them however much they end up paying for it.

If you’re lucky, your friends may be able to move all your heavy and essential things while you’re at work. Otherwise, you can help them finish the move after you get home.

Whether you end up hiring movers or get help from friends, you will need help. While it’s possible to move many things on your own, many big items require at least two people to transport them to and from the moving truck.

If you do get help from friends, remember that they’re doing you a big favor, so do something nice to repay them.

We know that with a little ingenuity, you can navigate this tricky situation and complete your move.