How to Store Neckties

Jon Fesmire |

Got a collection of neckties that you need to store well? Maybe you’ve received them as Christmas or birthday presents, or you simply like having a selection to wear to work, and you’re not sure how to keep them looking sharp. Whether you plan to keep them in your closet or rotate a selection in and out of your self storage unit, you’re going to want to make sure they remain free of dust and wrinkles. Simply shoving them into a box or drawer won’t do.

There are two ways to store your neckties that will keep them in good shape: rolling and hanging.

Rolling Your Ties

You can keep your ties in a small space where they’re safe from dust, and prevent them from wrinkling, by properly rolling them. This works for all sorts of ties but is especially important for knit ties, which can stretch when you hang them.

Rolling a tie is simple. First, unknot the tie, then lay it out at full length, facing up, on a flat surface like an ironing board or counter. Make sure the surface is clean. Next, fold the tie in half, the thin end to the fat end. Finally, roll the tie from the small end to the thicker end. When finished, it will be shaped like a small wheel.

Storing Rolled Ties

You can always store your rolled ties in a small box or dresser drawer. Line them up so they stay in place and don’t unroll. To really ensure they stay in shape, we suggest getting some drawer dividers made the right size for ties. In fact, there are tie boxes and tie inserts for your drawers. You’ll then have a separate compartment for each tie, preventing it from unrolling.

If you choose to keep some ties in your self storage unit, put the rolled ties in tie boxes, and those boxes in sturdy cardboard boxes or plastic bins. Label the boxes or bins and put them away until you need them again.

Hanging Ties on a Tie Rack

To store your ties the second way, by hanging them, purchase a tie rack. They come in different types. Some hang from the bar in your closet, and some are made to hang on a wall.

Once you have your tie rack in place, you’re ready to hang your ties. For each, carefully undo the knot, and lay the tie flat. You’ll see that the tie rack has many rungs. Drape your tie over one and make sure it hangs evenly. In other words, the ends should meet at the bottom when the tie is properly hung. Just like rolling your ties, storing your ties this way will keep them from getting wrinkled.

We don’t recommend storing your ties in a storage unit this way, as they would be prone to gathering dust. You would also need a clothing rack or wardrobe boxes, which would take up more space than necessary for your ties.

Where to Store Your Ties

At home, store your ties in a dresser drawer or in a closet. These should provide a dry, cool place for them.

In storage, opt for a unit with climate control. While standard units will protect your items from sunlight, rain, wind, and snow, they won’t protect against extremes in temperature or humidity. If you live in an area where the weather fluctuates greatly over the course of the year, a climate-controlled unit is a must to keep your belongings, ties and other clothing included, in great shape.

Now, you can make sure your ties look snappy for work or any big social event.