Why It’s Important for You, the Renter, to Leave Reviews

Kendra Bozarth |
In today’s internet-based economy, consumers rely heavily on “word-of-mouth” advice through websites, directories, blogs and more when deciding which products and services to purchase and use. When a couple can’t settle on the choice between two restaurants on a Friday night, they take out an iPhone, click on their Yelp app and view which location ranks higher based on customer-generated feedback. Not only can they compare star-averaged ratings by zip code, but, more importantly, they can also read reviews written by real people about real experiences and make a well-informed decision. The same holds true when renting self storage. The most significant value of customer reviews is that they add substantial legitimacy to a business or service.  When a storage owner claims to lease “clean, ready-to-rent storage units,” prospective renters can find security in reading a selection of testimonials from previous tenants that reveals that the clean, professional service that was advertised was also delivered. Customer feedback is a very helpful tool to use when you want to validate the services of a company before moving valuable and important items into storage, but what’s even more important to consider is leaving reviews for your fellow consumers, too. If you receive excellent service while renting at your neighborhood storage facility, leave a review so that others in your community can reap the benefits of a great business, too; and if you have a bad experience at a specific location, express your opinion and help future renters avoid the same situation.  Additionally, supplying information about an unsatisfactory experience can help an individual property improve their operations. There will always be a demand for an array of goods and commodities and there will always be a supply, but you should both take advantage of and contribute to customer reviews, so that society as a whole both supports and utilizes the best products and services in the marketplace.