“Keeping Art Safe From Hurricanes”

Mia Iverson |
Hurricane Katrina left the US stunned at the destruction nature brought upon civilization. The levees broke, houses washed away, and an entire population temporarily removed. Precious memories, heirlooms, and history were lost to the cataclysmic effects of Hurricane Katrina. Once again, we are in hurricane season, and in Florida, new measures have been built in the self storage industry to secure our precious valuables -- art especially. In a recent article entitled “Hey, That Ferrari? Keep it in a Hurricane-Proof Vault,” it is revealed that Miami has developed quite an art scene. From galleries to companies that deal with the storing, shipping and handling of fine arts of work, Miami has become an international hot spot in the fine art world. But the question still remained. How will we keep all this art safe from hurricanes? Enter David Lombardi and his Museo Vault. Lombardi, who founded Museo Vault a year and a half ago, got the idea while attending an insurance event at Art Basel. "Our clientele are art dealers, collectors as well as institutions – and it’s not just South Florida," Lombardi told Oregon Public Broadcasting. "We have clients coming in weekly from Europe and South America as well.” The innovative storage facility Museo Vault can withstand winds of 200 miles per hour and all art is stored at least 35 feet above sea level. Impressed? Do you think art should be stored in such a volatile climate? Read the original article here. Technology in the self storage industry is evolving and changing with the blink of an eye. Remember RoboVault? And if you’re looking for a self storage facility in your area, let StorageFront.com be the answer to your self storage needs.