Raleigh, NC: Top Things to Know About Storage

Jon Fesmire |

Plenty of Storage, If You Search For It

Raleigh has a population of about 432,000, and 84 self-storage facilities. That means there are about 46,200 individual storage units, or about one unit per every nine people. That’s a pretty good ratio, but it does mean there’s some competition for units, and that you might have a bit of a search ahead of you to find your ideal facility. This will be especially true in the fall, when students are returning to college. Of course, there are plenty of people who don’t rent storage, and many people who rent units as a group, such as families or small businesses. You also don’t have to rent at a nearby facility. Many people overestimate how often they will go to their unit, so really consider this. If you only need to go there once every month or so, you may find an affordable unit that fits your needs perfectly five or ten miles away.

The Price of Storage

When it come to cost of living in the U.S., Raleigh is right there in the middle. Housing prices are slightly higher, while transportation prices are slightly lower. Self-storage prices are on the higher side as well. For example, a 5’x5’ unit at Uncle Bob’s Self Storage will generally rent from about $64 to $73 per month, depending on location, and a 5’x10’ from $134 to $181. This is why we suggest being open to renting a unit a few miles away rather than right by your home.

When to Get Climate Control

For those who enjoy four distinct seasons, Raleigh is the place to be. Of course, with large yearly weather changes comes the possible need for climate control. Winters often get below freezing, with snow, sleet, and freezing rain. In summers, temperatures can hit the 90s with the expected corresponding humidity.

If you’re going to have a unit year-round, you will probably want climate control. You might be surprised how many of our personal items are sensitive to weather. These include art, books, musical instruments, and paper documents. Heat and cold can warp wood and metals, while canvas and paper are sensitive to shifts in humidity, from very dry to very humid. Climate control not only protects from extremes in temperature and humidity, but from mold and mildew gaining hold.

The Event Scene

Raleigh has many yearly festivals and a variety of events every month that you may want to get into. These include the Raleigh St. Patrick’s Day Parade and Festival, the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival, the World Beer Festival, and the North Carolina State Fair.

These events all need someplace to put their booths and decorations during the year, and usually, that means into self-storage. Chances are this won’t affect your self-storage needs, though, as large events require especially large self-storage units.

However, these events will affect your commute to your storage unit. Big events mean more cars on the road as people go to them. If you happen to need to get to your self-storage unit on a busy festival day, it will probably take you longer to get there. Know when and where events are happening and plan your day accordingly.