Sacramento, CA RV and Boat Storage

Krista Diamond |

There are a lot of advantages to owning an RV in Sactown (you’ll get used to the nickname). As far as major cities go, it’s pretty RV friendly. The streets are reasonably wide and the highways aren’t as jam packed as a certain southern California city that won’t be mentioned (cough, Los Angeles). Best of all? There are quite a few RV park choices that are actually within city limits. If you’re a veteran RV owner, you know how rare this is in California cities. If you’re a rookie, you’ll learn. One thing you’ll have to address at some point is where you’re going to keep your RV (or boat, or extra vehicle) when it’s not in use. We recommend one of the many facilities that offer RV and boat storage Sacramento. Here’s what you need to know before you store.

What to Expect When You’re Storing

You’ve seen a regular storage unit before, but what does an RV storage unit even look like? RV, boat and vehicle storage comes in a few different shapes and sizes and offers various features and amenities depending on your needs and your budget. This is one of the more expensive types of storage, but even if you’re trying to keep costs to a minimum, there’s probably still an option that suits you. Many facilities that don’t even advertise this type of storage still offer it in the form of allowing you to park your vehicle somewhere on the perimeter of their property. This type of storage is uncovered and is always the cheapest option. A step up from that will offer you an actual spot in a parking lot on property amongst other RVs, boats and cars. This is also typically uncovered and relatively affordable. Some facilities offer a covered variation on this where there’s either a roof over your car or a roof and coverage on three sides of your vehicle (picture an open garage). The highest level of storage is essentially your own private little garage with climate control and an individual door alarm. This is not only the most expensive but also the hardest to come by. In Sacramento, it’s a great idea to store at a facility that’s familiar with RV and boat storage. A place like the StoragePro location on 21st Street offers various parking spaces to suit the size of your RV. Rates tend to stay well under $150 a month and spots are typically available. Trust us, reasonable rates and availability are practically fairy tale concepts in most cities, so if you can find a facility with both, you’ve struck gold.

Do You Need Special Insurance?

Here’s another great advantage to storing your RV or boat: You typically don’t need special insurance. If you’re storing items in a regular storage unit, you can choose to get storage insurance on your own or you can store at a place like National Self Storage that offers it through the facility itself. In the case of your RV, boat or car, your auto insurance policy should cover it just fine. The only thing you’ll want to do before putting your vehicle in storage is to take the time to review your policy and see what it does and doesn’t cover. Some policies don’t cover natural disasters. The odds of something like that affecting your vehicle in storage are pretty slim but it’s worth addressing.


This brings us to our next point: security. If you rent at a facility with sub-par security, you might as well be parking in front of your own home in terms of protection. The first thing you’ll want to think about when choosing a facility is the neighborhood you’re renting in. RV and boat storage isn’t as readily available as traditional storage in Sacramento or in most cities, so it’s likely that you’ll end up renting a unit in a part of town you’re not super familiar with. Sacramento’s crime rate fluctuates by neighborhood but overall there are 16,863 property crimes annually. Storing your RV or boat at a facility with gated access and a fence in place to keep out unwanted intruders prevents the risk of damage occurring to your vehicle. Other features to look for include on-site management, 24 hour security cameras and most importantly, a staff that knows what’s going on at all times.