San Diego, CA: Top Things to Know About Storage

Krista Diamond |

Storage for Everyone

There are 281 storage facilities in San Diego. For 1.37 million people, that’s about 154,550 individual units, so you’ve potentially got your work cut out for you when it comes to finding your dream storage unit. Let’s remember one thing though. Not everyone needs storage and those that do don’t all need it at the same time. Most facilities rent month-to-month and leases are flexible, so if you call around to enough places and are willing to accept a size that’s slightly different than your first choice, you should be able to find a spot. There are 100 neighborhoods in San Diego, but that doesn’t mean you have to limit your options to only storage facilities near your apartment. Think outside the box, and hey, think outside the city! The wider a range you have when it comes to choosing a storage facility, the more options you’ll have. Think about it. How often are you going to be accessing your stuff anyway?

Can You Afford It?

Let’s address the elephant in the room. San Diego is expensive. But the tradeoff is that you get to live in one of the most beautiful places in the country (and perhaps the world). If you’re shelling out more than $1,500 for a small studio apartment, you probably desperately need the extra space that a storage unit can give you. But can you afford it? The average storage unit in the US costs around $50 for a 5x5 and around $100 for a 10x20. Let’s compare that to San Diego prices. At A-Aardvark Self Storage, for example, you can get a 5x5 for $52 and a 10x20 for $145. At AAA Alliance Self Storage you can get a 5x5 for $55 and a 10x20 for $269. At A-1 Self Storage you can get a 5x5 for $55 and a 10x20 for $255. We’re certainly not saying that these three examples are representative of all storage facilities in San Diego as you’ll certainly notice price and availability differentiations based on neighborhood, but we’ve noticed that many storage facilities in San Diego do follow this trend. This means that if you only need a closet’s worth of extra space, a 5x5 unit should be within your price range as its only slightly higher than the national average. If you need to store a few room’s worth of furniture and other items, those medium to large sized units are going to cost you more in San Diego than they would in most other areas. You can cut costs by going in on a storage unit with a friend or family member, renting further away from town and of course by searching storage facilities with us to check for specials. Secure Self Storage offers student and military discounts and SD Storage offers the first month free on select units. Most facilities offer specials to new customers some of which include free use of a truck, a free lock or free moving supplies.

There’s a Huge Military Presence (And They Need Storage)

Speaking of military discounts, did you know that there are almost 100,000 military men and women based out of San Diego? That number goes up even higher if you count spouses and kids. That’s largely because of the area’s deepwater port (where submarines are built). Thousands of businesses including storage facilities rely on the business of military members. If you’re not in the military, expect steep competition for space near the base. If you are in the military, look out for those discounts and remember how the Servicemember Civil Relief Act affects active duty military members in Southern California. Basically, if you’re deployed and you lapse on paying rent on your storage unit, the facility manager can’t auction off the contents of that unit as easily as he or she could auction off the contents of a civilian’s unit. Facilities who violate this are subject to hefty fines, sometimes exceeding $100,000.

Perfect Beach Weather and Your Storage Unit

San Diegans are a laid back bunch who enjoy temperatures in the 70’s year round. At the center of everything is the waterfront, where low buildings make up a skyline that’s often compared to the tools in a toolbox. We’re fans of any city with beachy vibes, but we encourage you to take a short break from lounging on the sand and consider the effect that the oceanside climate can have on the contents of your storage unit. If you store close to the sea, avoid storing metal items like bicycles and musical instruments, as the damp, salty air can cause things like this to rust. Artwork, books and any delicate clothing can also suffer when placed in outdoor storage units close to the ocean. Opt for climate control or store inland that way your stuff is safe from damage, and you can get back to soaking up the sun.