Self Storage Adultery

CJ Moore |
Editor’s note: StorageFront does not encourage the following activities. In fact, we’re a little grossed out. According to a British publication, self storage units are a new hotspot for couples having affairs. “... Self-storage owners in the US and UK have discovered people using their lock-ups as a private space to meet up. Owners have their own keys; the units are windowless, therefore private and are more discreet and cheaper than a hotel…” I guess the key to having a successful affair (the kind where you don’t get caught) is to be discreet, but self storage seems to me to lack a hint of romanticism. I guess romanticism isn’t exactly what these couples are looking for, but come on, man! I hope these couples are at least storing some kind of mattress. If you’re planning on taking your adultery to the nearest self storage facility, just remember that most facilities have security cameras and that evidence could come back to haunt you in divorce court. We’re all about creative use of self storage, but this is taking it to a whole new level. It does bring to mind a good name for a self storage facility used for such behavior: Scarlet Self Storage.