Self Storage Break-ins Increase During Holidays

CJ Moore |
The holiday season brings out the best in people, and the worst in others. According to FBI statistics, break-ins happen most frequently during the summer months of July and August, but many in the self storage industry say that break-ins pick up during the holiday season. A Portland locksmith (of all people) was recently victim to a break-in. Les Harvey obviously had a good lock on his unit, but the thieves did not break his locks; they cut the hasps on the sides of the roll-up door. “They break through our stuff but they're probably working harder than if they actually had a job. It's very frustrating to me,” Harvey told Koin Local 6 News in Portland. Love that quote from Harvey. And yes, it’s disappointing that people would put this much effort into something just to steal a man’s hunting and fishing supplies. What’s even more disappointing was this happened at a facility that had security cameras and an employee living on-site. It’s important when you’re looking for a storage unit that you review their security measures. Some facilities do a better job of safeguarding against break-ins than others. What you shouldn’t have to worry about during the holiday season is your stuff getting stolen. A storage unit is usually a safe place for your stuff. Don’t let one break-in fool you into thinking it’s not, but make sure that you’ve chosen a facility that makes security a top priority. Also make sure your stuff is protected by insurance – typically, home owner’s insurance will cover it. For more self storage security suggestions, check out our tips.