Self Storage for Travelers

Jon Fesmire |

Traveling can be amazing, whether you’re doing so for fun, enlightenment, work, or a combination of the three. The thing is, you still need a place to keep your belongings while you’re exploring the world.

Whether you need to store everything you own, or just a few valuables, self storage can provide the ideal solution. Self storage provides a number of advantages for travelers. Keep these in mind as you search for a facility.

  • Storage units come in a variety of sizes, measured in feet, typically from 5x5 to 10x30 or even larger. Check our size guide for help.

  • Per square foot, the rental price for a storage unit costs much less than for a house or apartment.

  • You may feel like your home is safe, and most of the time, it probably is. However, burglars look for places where no one is home, and if your place is empty for a long time, it could become a target. Look for a storage facility with great security, including a high stone or concrete wall, gated access, clear lighting, a monitored camera system, and an alarm system. If the facility has alarms on individual units, that’s even better.

  • Your belongings may be more sensitive to fluctuations in weather than you realize. If you live in an area where it can get cold and dry, hot and humid, or both, your stuff may suffer. You can protect your things with a climate-controlled unit.

  • If you have a trusted friend or relative who’s not traveling with you, consider giving them the code to enter the self storage facility and a key to your unit. That way, if you need something put away or something sent to you, they can access it for you. This does not go against the rules for most facilities.

  • Most facilities allow you to pay your monthly rent remotely, via the facility’s website. You can even set up auto-payments, so the bill gets paid every month without you having to think about it.

  • While traveling, you’re bound to find things you’d like to buy and keep. Many facilities will accept deliveries for you, and put the packages in your unit. Ask each facility you visit if they offer this and if it adds to the rental cost.

  • When traveling long-term, you may need a place to keep your car. Some facilities offer vehicle storage, allowing you to keep your car, van, or even RV safe while you travel.

Wherever you go, self storage can keep your belongings safe and in great shape. So go on that long work trip or vacation. Expand your horizons, have fun, and know that you’ll be able to retrieve your things when you return.