Seven Things to Consider Before Living Alone

Jon Fesmire |

Have you lived with other people your whole life and are considering the freedom of living alone? More and more young people these days are living on their own. Some have decided to put off marriage and family longer than past generations and would prefer to focus on career and enjoying time with friends.

If you’re planning on living alone for the first time, here are seven things to keep in mind:

It’s Expensive

It can be expensive living alone. Of course, this has a lot to do with where you live. Many cities are tough to afford living alone in unless you make a high wage or salary. If budget is an issue, consider looking for a studio apartment or a separate suite in a house. The latter can still offer you privacy, but may be more affordable than a one-bedroom apartment.

The Privacy is Fantastic

Living alone affords an incredible amount of privacy. Get out of the shower naked and walk to your room to get dressed without anyone seeing you. Listen to whatever music you want or watch that sappy movie you love that your friends make fun of.

It’s an Adjustment

If you’re used to living with others, living alone can be a big adjustment. You’ll have more freedom and independence, but may also feel lonely at times.

Take the time to meet your neighbors. Get into your hobbies, or take up a new hobby. Make plans that require you to be social.

Friends, Not Social Media

Working on your computer and scrolling through social media on your smartphone are fine, but don’t bury yourself online if you live alone. Spend time with other people out in the world, or invite friends to your apartment.

Keep Your Place Clean and Organized

A messy home can be seriously depressing. So, it’s important to keep your place clean and organized. Make sure everything has a place where it belongs. Do your dishes right after you eat. Once your laundry bin is full, do your laundry. As long as you straighten up every day and do a bit of a deeper cleaning once a week, it’s easy to keep your place in order.

Use Self Storage

If you live alone in a small apartment, you may not have room for everything you need. Rent a storage unit and you’ll have more space.

One advantage of using self storage is that it rents for less per square foot than residential space. So, instead of paying for an extra bedroom, you can pay significantly less for a 10x10 unit. If you live somewhere with big weather fluctuations, then it’s worth it to get a unit with climate control as well.

We hope that living alone works out great for you. So long as you still spend time with others, having your own very private, personal space can be liberating. Just remember to keep your life in balance.