Several Stored Items Unreturned to Pittsburgh Students

CJ Moore |
Two University of Pittsburgh students claim that they had some of their belongings stolen that had been stored at Shanahan Moving and Storage during the summer break. Andrea Kelly had a television stolen and Elle Tietbohl had her printer stolen. Both students never went to see the Shanahan facility, but they both picked Shanahan because it was listed on the Pitt website, which made them believe it was a refutable company. Both students paid to have their items picked up before summer break, stored over the summer and then delivered back to them at the end of the summer. When everything was not returned, both students received no explanation. When a KDKA reporter visited Shanahan, there was no one on site working. The building also had broken windows, doors wide open and furniture up against the windows. KDKA also found out that the company had been sold. Both students had no insurance, so they could be out of luck. Obviously, it is always a good idea to get insurance for your storage, which is usually available to purchase at the facility. In this case, it would have been smart for the students to check out the facility before they decided to store their stuff. Or if they would have searched for storage on StorageFront, they could have found a refutable facility with 24-hour video surveillance. A search for Pittsburgh, Pa., on StorageFront brings up 10 Guardian Self Storage locations that all have 24-hour video surveillance and several other amenities. Here are some more storage tips for college students.