The Top 13 Things to Remember When Moving

Jon Fesmire |

Moving is one of the most stressful things anyone has to do over the normal course of life. When you’re planning to move from one home to another, whether just across town or across the country, you may feel excited or nervous, you may look forward to it or may dread leaving your familiar home.

Whatever the case, you’ll have a lot to do—so much that you may forget some important steps in your move. Use this article as a checklist to remind yourself of the many steps you’ll need to take.

  1. Remember to give yourself time. There is so much to do when moving! We’ll cover much of that in this list, but the first thing to remember is that it will take time.

  2. Remember to clean your house. Start cleaning your place early, and pack things you won’t need until after you move. As you straighten up your place, you may find things you no longer need or want, and this is a good opportunity to sell them or give them to charity.

  3. Remember your pets. See your furry (or scaly) companion’s vet to make sure it gets any needed shots or medication. Let the vet know how you plan to travel and ask how to make sure your pet handles it well. For example, on a long drive, your pet may need nausea medication.

  4. Remember your plants. Just like with pets, it can be all too easy to forget about your houseplants until the last minute. Are you going to take them with you? Will you give them to friends? If you hire a moving company, put your plants into unbreakable pots that won’t crack during transit.

  5. Remember to move during the off-season. Summer is the biggest moving season of the year. Naturally, this means that moving companies are also busier during the summer. You can save money by moving during the off-season.

  6. Remember your helpers. Don’t forget to ask your friends for help with the move in advance. Do this once you’re sure you’re going to move, even before you know exact dates. As you find out exactly when you’ll need help packing the moving truck, let them know.

  7. Remember your non-moveables. What are non-moveables? These are the items that moving companies won’t handle, for various reasons. They may include things like expensive jewelry or some fragile items. When hiring a moving company, ask if there are any items they won’t transport, and plan to take them yourself.

  8. Remember to get insurance for your things. When moving, items can break, even if you hire professional, experienced movers. Insure your belongings, just in case.

  9. Remember to create an inventory. When packing, keep an inventory of what’s in each box. This will make it much easier to put everything where it belongs when you get to your new home.

  10. Remember to get an in-home moving estimate. Movers are generally good at providing estimates close to what you’ll actually pay during in-home estimate. They’ll come by your house and be able to see thing like the layout and how much they’ll need to put onto the truck for you.

  11. Remember your overnight bag. While on the road, and before you unpack at your new home, you won’t have access to most of your belongings. Each member of your family should have an overnight bag that includes a change of clothes, something to read, a tablet or smartphone and the like. It can take awhile to unpack everything at your new place, and you’ll all be glad for your overnight bags.

  12. Remember your family bag. In addition to an overnight bag, have a family bag or two. Include travel snacks and meals, medications, and toiletries.

  13. Remember your travel money. Whether moving by car or by plan, you’ll need money for travel expenses. Moving is so expensive you may forget this, so be sure to set some travel money aside.

We hope this list comes in handy the next time you need to move. Feel free to print it and use it as a checklist to ensure that you remember everything important, including to take the time you need to relax.