What to Do With that Spare Bedroom in Your Home

Jon Fesmire |

Do you have an extra room in your house or apartment? You may be tempted to use it for storage, but consider this: That space in your spare room is more expensive than the space in a self storage unit. If you’re renting, you’re paying more per square foot in your home than you would for storage. If you own, that’s still valuable home space. So, consider putting your extra things in self storage, and using that room for something special. Here are some of our favorite uses for a spare bedroom:

Guest Bedroom

A guest bedroom in your home ensures that you have a place for a guest or two to stay with you.

A guest bedroom should have a queen or king sized bed, a dresser for those staying more than a couple of days, and some nice pictures on the walls. You may want to include a nightstand with a lamp in case your guests like to read, and a television hooked up to your cable or streaming services.

Home Office

Do you work remotely or own your own home business? Then turn that spare bedroom into a home office.

You’ll need a desk, chair, computer, internet access, and good lighting. You may also want to put up a bookcase or two for your work-related books and some pictures that inspire you. The room may accommodate another computer and desk, which is great if your spouse or partner also works from home. Furnish the rest of the room with whatever you need to do your job well.

Library and Study Room

If you and your family love books, your spare bedroom can make a fantastic library. You’ll need at least enough bookcases to hold your collection. You can save the extra space for new books. Add a couch or a couple of reclining chairs as well as good lighting to read by.

Art Studio

What kind of art do you make? Are you a painter? Do you sew clothing or cosplay? Do you enjoy crafts, such as scrapbooking, miniatures, or model building? A spare bedroom can easily be converted to an art studio for an individual or a family.

Find a good way to organize your supplies, and set up the tools and furniture you’ll use often. If you’re a painter, you’ll need an easel or two. If you’re a scrapbooker, you’ll want a table with plenty of space to lay out your paper, glue, and scissors. Finally, put up some inspiring art, and make sure the room has good lighting.

Music Room

If you’re a serious musician, consider turning your extra bedroom into a music room. This can also work well if more than one person in your household plays music, or if you play in an ensemble group.

You’ll want music stands, comfortable chairs you can play in while keeping good posture, a piano or other keyboard, and possibly recording equipment. Put up pictures of your favorite musicians and bands for inspiration.

Entertainment Room

Do you like watching movies or new shows at home? Do you enjoy playing video games on a large screen? If so, an entertainment room could really enhance your life. You can make it a home theater, a game room, or set it up for both. You’ll need a large, wall-mounted television on one side of the room. Or, you could set up a projector screen with a projector at the other side of the room. Install a couch and some comfortable chairs. Get blackout shades for the windows as well, and put in a refrigerator for snacks, and even a popcorn machine. Hook up your Blu-ray player and game console, and you’re set for an evening of movies or console gaming.

Alternately, if it’s tabletop games you’re into, invest in a good quality table and chairs for the room. Get a couple of bookcases for your various games, and enjoy your favorite board games, card games, or role playing gaming with your friends or family.