What’s Your Most Prized Possession?

Lisa Finholm |
People use self storage to clear their heads, and the overflowing space in their homes or apartments. But what about those choosing storage for their most prized possessions? Maybe you have an antique collection from a great, great grandma? Maybe you’re looking to store your childhood (and adulthood) comic book collection? Whatever your collection may be, it’s probably better kept in a storage unit (as long as it’s legal, of course). According to www.storage.co.uk, here are a few famously stored items: Dentist, Dr. Val Kolpakov, has spent over $18,000 on toothpaste and toothpowders since 2001. He stores it at his dental office. Can we say, search StorageFront for your nearest storage facility? Yes. Remember those rubber ducks you played with in the bath tub as a kid? Imagine collecting more than 5,000 of them and storing them in your basement. Charlotte Lee, of California, is the world’s largest rubber duck collector. Storage unit, anyone? Napkins. Yes, those pieces of paper everyone uses (hopefully) to wipe their hands clean of that messy fast food dish. Marilyn Boyle has collected more than 6,000 napkins from all over the world, including 68 different designs from McDonald’s. Climate-controlled unit, anyone? Have you ever been on an airplane and needed to summon the stewardess to give you an airplane sick bag? Now, here’s a question, have you ever thought to collect them? Niek Vermeulen, of Holland, holds the Guinness World Record for owning the largest collection of (over 5,000) airplane sick bags from more than a thousand different airlines all over the world. Again, climate-controlled unit, anyone? If you’re finding yourself up to your elbows in your favorite collector’s item, consider a storage unit.