Yah, It’s Summer Break! But What To Do With My Stuff?

CJ Moore |
My buddy recently got the opportunity to go back to an old job for the summer in Chicago. He’s in graduate school at the University of Kansas, and he’s staying with friends during the summer in Chicago. Here’s his problem: He is still paying rent at his house in Lawrence, Kan., and now he’ll be paying rent in Chicago as well. Here’s a simple solution I gave to him and one many other college students should consider for the summer. Sublease your house or apartment during the summer. Craigslist is one option that usually works well in college towns. This way, you no longer have to worry about debt piling up in another place – as you might be getting lost already in the shadow of your student-loan debt. When you sublease, the person subletting might want to bring in his or her own furniture. Plus, my buddy didn’t want to haul his things to Chicago, especially considering his new roommates already had a bed for him and everything else he needed. So what should my friend or anyone in a similar quandary do with their stuff? That’s where StorageFront comes in. Most college towns have many options in self storage. As for my friend, he has 14 options within five miles of Lawrence, according to StorageFront’s facility finder. Now he can focus on his finals and spend his final few weeks in Lawrence celebrating the beginning of summer break, instead of pinching pennies.